Hey there. I’m Ashley. A follower of Christ, a wife of 4 years, a mom to a sweet boy named Levi, and a novice photographer. And when I say novice, I mean novice.

Photography has been a growing hobby of mine since my teenage years. This past Christmas, I finally got my first DSLR and I’ve been experimenting with it on a frequent basis. Like, I’m finally understanding all of this ISO, shutter speed, and aperture jargon and shooting in manual. This daily photo blog is an attempt to improve my eye in photography and editing, as well as to document my daily life.

Disclaimer: my daily life includes a lot of time with my kiddo, so don’t hold it against me if he is my subject 69% of the time. I’ll do my best to branch out beyond Levi shots.

Yea, so that’s about it. Pretty straight forward. I’m thrilled you found my itsy bitsy corner of the internet. Care to stay a while?



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